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Auto insurance is mandatory in Ontario, LetUsQuoteYou will guide and help you understand what Auto insurance coverage’s are, how they effect you,  and the value of each.  From there our designated car insurance brokers will get you the best price for the car insurance coverage you need!

LetUsQuoteYou.com has been saving clients money on their auto insurance since 2009, by keeping up-to-date with the latest auto insurance rate trends in Ontario, and making sure we stay ahead of the curve with the latest in quoting software and technology available, it is our sure fire way for us to get you the best car insurance quote in Ontario.

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LetUsQuoteYou.com is dedicated to doing all the work for you.  Our car insurance form is a 2 step form, we only ask for the information, necessary to get us going on your insurance quote..

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A Brief Explanation of Car Insurance Coverage in Ontario

Stop guessing at what you need, and start knowing. Below we will start to explain the ins and outs of Car Insurance in Ontario.  If you have any more questions please feel free to ask us!

Ontario’s Mandatory Auto Coverage

There’s coverage you should have, and then there’s coverage you must have.  The Car Insurance Coverage you MUST have comes in two parts, they are commonly referred to as Liability Only, or Third Party Coverage.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage pays for any damages that you’re held legally responsible for.

Accident Benefits

Accident benefits, is an important coverage, this one pays for the any costs related to healthcare expenses (rehab, surgery, etc.), funerals,  and loss of income that are a result of an insurable accident.

Some Optional Auto Insurance Coverage in Ontario

The List of optional car insurance coverage is a long one, with many coverage’s that are meant for specific scenarios, below are the most common optional car insurance coverage’s used in Ontario car insurance policies today.


Collision coverage covers the costs to repair the damage to your car when it collides with an object (tree, fence, roadside debris, etc.) or if you collide with another vehicle.  Simply put in a claim and your repairs are paid minus any applicable deductible.


Comprehensive coverage isn’t just fire and theft, there is so much more! Including Vandalism, Broken Glass, collisions with animals, and falling objects.

 Temporary Vehicle Replacement/Loss of Use

Loss of use – is just that, a coverage for when you car is in the shop for an insured claim.

Depreciation Waiver

You know the old saying, “You loose value on your new car as soon as you drive it off the lot!”  Not with the Depreciation Waiver, if you car is a total loss it is valued as if it were brand new! 


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